Index Providers

See how DataBP helps index providers streamline index data, benchmarking and trademark licensing relationships on a global scale.

As Passive Investment Strategies Continue to Grow, Index Providers Face Significant Challenges Managing Index & Data Licensing at Scale

DataBP can automate and streamline index and data licensing operations and improve the customer experience by moving licensing inventory and AUM reporting out of spreadsheets and into a scalable system. Let your team focus on new product and business development opportunities rather than administrative processes.

DataBP takes operations that can be ad-hoc and tedious and automates them to help new-to-market data businesses establish best practices for data e-commerce without impeding their ability to innovate. Improve your customer relationships through self-service and power-up your sales team with a professional platform purpose-built for data e-commerce.

Get a first-hand look at how DataBP can help take your business to new heights