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DataBP’s platform and managed services allows data businesses of all sizes to grow data revenues, reduce risk, and provide a world-class customer experience without increasing their staffing footprint. The world's largest financial institutions rely on DataBP's data licensing and subscription management platform and benefit from our team's extensive expertise and industry experience. Let DataBP help you optimize your data business.

Market data administration is complicated, time-intensive, and often too manual relative to other business processes.

Data businesses aren’t using their time efficiently and are leaving too many gaps exposed in their reporting, resulting in revenue leakage and auditing hurdles. The old way of managing market data is only going to grow more difficult as the greater financial ecosystem grows more complex.

DataBP is a modular platform that helps businesses simplify their data e-commerce management in four ways:

Accelerate Growth, Reduce Risk

DataBP takes the friction out of data transactions so you can close deals faster. With our licensing processes you can learn more about your client’s needs, identify trends, and adjust your business processes with ease. With our workflows and audit tools, you will reduce risk by moving business-critical processes out of spreadsheets and inboxes into a secure centralized system. Your team can scale effortlessly with our purpose-built platform for data e-commerce.

Self-Service Tools

Give your customers unprecedented autonomy and ease of use with our suite of data e-commerce tools. Our whitelabeled customer portal enables 24/7 business operations and guides your customers through each step of the process. Accelerate licensing activity, simplify reporting obligations, and provide greater transparency to your customers regarding their company profile and license rights.

Better Than Bespoke

Decades of industry experience have taught us that no two data businesses are the same, which is why we designed our platform to be modular and configurable. Our team sets up our turnkey solution around your organization’s rules and requirements to give you the best of both worlds – a road-tested, fully-managed application that functions as if it was custom-built to your requirements, at a fraction of the cost.

Expert Guidance

DataBP not only provides a platform that makes data e-commerce easier, we also provide know-how gained from decades working at the cutting edge of the industry with companies around the world. We continuously incorporate the newest ideas and best practices into our platform and are eager to advise our customers on how they can incorporate these features into their own operations. We can implement specific processes and workflows or help you identify your areas for improvement and weigh different approaches.

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DataBP can streamline all the complexities of data e-commerce into one intuitive, user-friendly platform.

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