Data Commercialization Management

Data Licensing & Subscription Management for the New Data Economy

Data commercialization has become a strategic priority for the financial services community as markets continue to be more data-driven. A new set of challenges are emerging for producers, distributors and consumers, who have to manage ever more complex relationships, shifting consumption habits and new technologies and automation.

Conventional market data licensing and administration processes no longer support the scale and diversity of today’s data economy.  DataBP’s comprehensive platform and managed services allow data businesses of all sizes to grow data revenues, reduce risk, and provide a world-class customer experience without increasing their staffing footprint.

Our clients include many of the leading global market data brands, and our position as a leader draws upon our team’s deep understanding of the unique challenges of the industry and their wealth of experience as leaders and innovators in the market data industry.

How DataBP can help you

Manage data commercialization at scale

Scale capacity to manage data licensing and subscription relationships

DataBP’s platform enhances the customer experience by combining self-service and e-commerce tools to reduce friction and increase sales and account management focus.

Streamline operations

Streamline business operations to focus resource on value creation

Automate administrative processes and generate data-driven insights to drive intelligent workflows and customer support.

Vendor compliance and management

Efficient management of clients, policies and licencing

Vendor approvals and usage reporting, AuM reporting, customer attestations, compliance monitoring, audit tools, entitlements reporting & user netting.

Distribution and cloud management

Automated entitlements and usage tracking

DataBP helps clients innovate with new products and delivery mechanisms like the cloud to reach new communities and win new customers.

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News & Insights

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