Compliance and Audit

Innovative tools to strengthen compliance and deliver valuable insights on usage and consumption

Our compliance and audit module removes the overhead of monitoring and enforcing compliance by automating the mundane, automatically identifying outliers and exceptions and streamlining audit operations.

Audit Management

 More efficiently manage the audit process to more rapidly recognize revenue.

  • Plan and track the status of reports and progress of audits
  • Provide holistic insights with enriched reports from third-party sources
  • Generate and distribute standard and custom reports.

Compliance Surveys

Seamlessly request, process and capture usage changes to ensure accurate utilization and avoid non-compliance

  • Build custom surveys to easily understand and capture usage at scale
  • Reconcile responses with historical usage to identify anomalies or exceptions

Utilization Monitoring

Simply and swiftly identify changes in consumption habits or usage trends

  • Compare reporting against inventory
  • Automatically identify anomalies for investigation
  • Track open cases, monitor status and log follow-up actions