Cloud Enablement & Management

DataBP’s platform provides all the tools clients need to capitalise on the opportunities presented by cloud environments. Product Management tools help define the products tailored for consumption by customers hosted in the cloud. Our Entitlement tools ensure that cloud providers can deliver these products accurately and efficiently. And our Data Marketplace Management capabilities integrate clients products into the increasingly common platforms used by customers in the cloud to procure products and services, ensuring that your products have maximum visibility.

Product Management

  • Create and manage product definitions including product descriptions, policies, pricing and sample data
  • Define product groups and packages
  • Define related products for enhanced product discovery
  • Map product codes to cloud platform

Automated Entitlements

API for automated entitlement instructions to grant or revoke data access to users or applications via each cloud provider’s identity and access management controls.

  • Provide instant access to data
  • Enable free trials or temporary access
  • Synchronised data licensing, billing and access
  • Manage compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR

Data Marketplace Management

Unlock the full potential of cloud by integrating with the leading cloud platforms and other providers, enabling access to popular cloud platforms without losing control of your data or visibility of the customer.

Our Data Marketplace Management solution extends data licensing and streamlined customer onboarding directly into third-party data access controls providing instant access to authorised users and ensuring synchronisation between your licensing and customer inventory and the distribution system. 

Empower your customers to evaluate and consume data effortlessly, making informed decisions that drive your business forward. With our data marketplace solution, you’re not just keeping up with the cloud evolution – you’re leading it.