Data Distribution Management

Discover new ways to distribute your content and reach new customers

Our data distribution and access management module makes your data more accessible without having to compromise on control to maximize monetization opportunities

Automated Access

Granular entitlement framework to automate the access and reporting on data consumption at an application, instance or user level

  • Manage real-time permissioning and control with data access rules
  • Define granular permissioning models aligned with available licenses
  • Onboard any application through our API

Using DataBPs platform helps to streamline permissioning, reducing effort and manual error, accelerating deployment, reducing risk and increasing customer satisfaction.

Cloud and Colocation Management

Support for the full spectrum of consumption needs from public cloud to low-latency co-location access

  • Map native exchange services to your internal service catalogue
  • Define data access rules based on location and consumption type

A single platform can work across all distribution channels, increasing efficiency and consolidating customer data into a single system where it can easily be analysed.

Usage Monitoring

Automated monitoring of data access and utilisation for granular reporting and controls

  • Produce detailed usage monitoring reports
  • Reconcile with third-party platforms and systems

With the help of DataBP, clients can identify and reconcile problems early, preventing disruptive disputes which may damage commercial relationships.