For market data teams that need to scale their commercial data capabilities, DataBP is a data licensing and subscription management platform that supports the scale, diversity and opportunity of today’s market data commercial environment. DataBP delivers a fully configurable and customizable platform that combines licensing, permissioning and billing into a single workflow that accelerates revenue growth, reduces risk and enables a modern digital, self-service buying experience for your customers.

The DataBP platform consists of different functional modules that can be deployed independently or in combination. Each module offers a set of services and features to address a set of related challenges and can be used as a stand-alone business tool to support, scale and accelerate market data operations.

These modules can be easily integrated alongside a client’s existing systems and processes, filling functional gaps and addressing specific pain points to rapidly deliver transformational change without disrupting existing business workflow. 

The full suite of modules can be combined to provide a complete solution for market data providers and distributors.