Pricing and Billing

Modern, efficient, accurate and user-friendly subscription management

Our pricing and billing module provides a complete subscription management solution that is specifically designed to address the complexities of market data products and commercials.


Powerful pricing engine to cater for any and all types of commercial models and relationships

  • Define standard pricing rules and triggers
  • Set client-specific terms, discounts and volume-based models


Flexible invoicing solutions to streamline the accounts payable process

  • Invoice customers directly from the platform or integrate with an existing billing solution
  • Customise the invoice to match your branding, style and format
  • Define rules to automatically trigger and send invoices


Multiple payment options to support a streamlined accounts payable process

  • One-time and recurring payment subscriptions
  • Credit-card payments for a full e-Commerce subscription model
  • Billing information published via white-label customer portal