Connectivity & Colo Services Management

Scale your business with tools for managing connectivity orders and colocation services, with coordination of provisioning, status sharing and customer self-service capabilities

Elevate your connectivity and colocation experience with our advanced management tools. Seamlessly handle connectivity orders and colocation services with efficient coordination of service provisioning, status updates and self-service management for your customers.

Connectivity & Colo Services Management

Raising the bar for scalable and transparent connectivity management

Connectivity and co-location services are a critical part of financial markets infrastructure and play a vital role in connecting market participants and providing access to data feeds. The plethora of connectivity and co-location service offerings, combined with the competitive landscape for low-latency market access and the continued growth in managed services, creates a complex mesh of physical and logical connections, multi-party relationships and immediately out-of-date inventories, which results in slow delivery, high failure rates and incorrect billing. 

The DataBP platform enables you to manage connectivity orders and service inventory by customer, providing enhanced visibility and customer support and providing a set of self-service tools that provide the autonomy to manage and track individual services at scale. Pricing and discounts are managed via our advanced pricing engine, invoices are automatically generated and distributed and our advanced business intelligence tools and custom reporting provide enhanced visibility and insights into your business. The platform allows you to maximize the efficiency and transparency of your operations and deliver a superior experience for both you and your customers.