Vendor Reporting & Customer Usage Declarations

Harness the potential of cloud with efficient, effective and transparent commercial data management at scale.

Our vendor and customer usage management module breaks down barriers to distribution and consumption to keep pace with innovation and harness the potential of cloud.

Flexible Reporting

Scalable reporting solutions that cater for any and every commercial relationship

  • Automatically ingest and process vendor and customer reports
  • Ingest data using our front-end, file-based import or API integration

Entitlement Control

Granular entitlement framework to manage, control and report on data consumption at an application, instance or user level

  • Manage real-time permissioning and control
  • Onboard any application through our API
  • Define granular permissioning models integrated with your product catalogue


Digital-first experience for managing any and all data access requests

  • Review and action vendor requests to permission end users
  • Integrate with existing permissioning or inventory systems for end-to-end workflow
  • Leverage e-commerce workflow for non-permissioned data sets