Product Management

A powerful service catalog to support an innovative range of data products

Our product management module provides a single repository for all your products and services to simplify inventory management and ensure a faster time to market for new products

Product Manager

Define and configure the full range of products in a standard, consumable format

  • Define different sets and types of products
  • Add custom attributes, hierarchies and multiple currencies
  • Group and classify products based on different attributes

Catalog Manager

Complete flexibility to define custom product packages and configure product-specific rules and relationships

  • Create packages based on different product profiles
  • Define product-level rules and policies
  • Control visibility, availability and publication of products, product groups, etc


Automate data distribution and data access entitlements based on changes to data licensing & sales activities.

  • API interface to identity and access management enforcement layers of cloud platforms, websites, FTP servers and email distribution lists
  • Automated interface with connectivity providers enabling access to data and services
  • Integrate internal systems with the Product Management API