About Us

“As an industry, we were running a multi-billion dollar data ecosystem largely on Excel and email. We knew we had to do better.”

— Brandon Baker, Founder and Principal

Our Story and Mission

DataBP’s principals saw first-hand how the majority of financial institutions handled data administration inefficiently. This was in part because there were no tools on the market designed to handle the complex commercial models and business processes that data businesses require. In 2013, DataBP was founded to make these business processes as easy as online shopping. DataBP’s tailored data e-commerce services change the way businesses approach data sales and operations, freeing up their teams to focus on customers.

Our goal is to make your data business easier to manage and grow. Our modernized platform can integrate with any existing system or software you need to keep, providing a smooth transition to a new chapter of efficiency, reliability, and growth. Even after initial set up, we’ll continue to provide your team with the support needed to scale your business and maximize the value of your data.

Our Partners

The principals of DataBP crossed paths at NYSE where they saw firsthand the complexities of data licensing and the outdated processes that go along with it. They envisioned a turnkey solution for data creators and redistributors that would make data administration fast and frictionless.

Brandon Baker

DataBP Co-Founder with over 20 years of experience architecting, developing, and running technology solutions for data businesses. Degrees from Columbia University (Operations Research) and NYU (MBA). At Gemini Systems, he focused on database design and web development for several clients, including CIT Group and NYSE. At NYSE, he led development of the data e-commerce website and the TAQ Web and Broker Volume products, among others, and managed the order-to-bill lifecycle for NYSE Technologies products.

Mark Bird

DataBP Co-Founder with over 20 years of experience building solutions and managing projects in the market data industry. Degree from Wheaton College. At TCB Data, he developed tools for industry-wide market data reporting and supported clients at hundreds of firms. At NYSE, he led the integration of the Amex and Euronext systems for licensing and billing, and was responsible for licensing and reporting to exchanges worldwide for NYSE Technologies.

Bin Luo

Bin is a general technologist and technical architect with wide-ranging background — biotechnology, marketing, web technology, and finance. Degrees from Johns Hopkins (Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering) and University of Pennsylvania (Biotechnology). At Gemini Systems, he consulted for a range of clients including FINRA, Nortel and NYSE. At NYSE, he did development of the data e-commerce website and business analysis for the web development across the firm. At Adobe, he managed the business analytics team for the marketing cloud.

Ariel Smukler

Ari is a solution architect and project manager with market data administration experience going back to 2009. Degrees from Cornell Engineering (Materials Science Engineering and Engineering Management). At Gemini Systems, he consulted on technology projects with pharmaceutical and finance firms before landing in Market Data. At NYSE, he provided business analysis for market data administration systems, and while working as a Director with NYSE Technologies, worked to streamline and integrate the business processes which coordinated the delivery and billing of infrastructure and data services.

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