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“The invoicing, due diligence and customer support of our client accounts is infinitely more efficient with the DataBP online SaaS and their support team.”

Head of Market Data, Major Global Exchange

A cloud-based e-commerce platform built for data businesses

DataBP is the premier platform for data e-commerce, providing a turnkey solution which can be customized to your needs. The solution is completely modular, meaning you can pick and choose the parts you want and the parts you can live without. This flexibility makes it a fit for organizations of all sizes, since you can tailor the platform to your needs and integrate it with any processes you don’t want to give up.

Get ahead of competitors by putting tools in the hands of your customers, automating rote tasks and freeing up every member of your team to add greater value to the business.

See how DataBP can be tailored to your business’s needs and improve your customers’ businesses as well.

Implementing DataBP was a good decision at the start, and the system has proven to be a valuable asset to our business over time.

– Commercial Manager, Major Exchange Group

Who We Serve

Whether you are an established business looking to innovate at scale or a start-up iterating through models to see what sticks, DataBP can help.

DataBP can help mature data businesses whose success and size may have prevented them from innovating or from keeping up with the innovations of their customers. With many platforms there is a natural conflict between sales and engineering: sales wants to respond to customer needs quickly; engineering insists on fewer features or longer time-to-market. The DataBP platform has built-in flexibility allowing you to be nimble at scale.

Operating at scale usually requires an investment that midsize data businesses are unable to make. As a result, workers fill the gap by performing rote tasks with Excel and email, and the business’s profits are unable to grow as they should. DataBP’s SaaS offering provides midsize data businesses with tools on-par with their larger competitors, without the big investment of custom development.

Most new-to-market businesses need to find the right licensing and pricing model fit for their data. DataBP can assist start-ups by automating processes without giving up the ability to override and customize as needed. Use the flexible DataBP platform to iterate the model until you find the one that works. It’s never too early to put the right tools in place for managing your business.

Platform Integrations

DataBP is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor our platform to your business’s needs and integrate with any processes you want to keep.

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