How Cloud is Changing the Business of Market Data

Quinlan & Associates, in partnership with DataBP, have released their latest report on the global market data landscape: ‘Reclaiming the Market Data Value Chain: Leveraging the Cloud to Optimise Distribution and Product Innovation.

The report examines the current landscape of market data distribution, including the relative merits of different data commercialisation models that are adopted by data providers. It also explores how cloud migration can help optimise existing distribution and product innovation processes, as well as the strategic and operational factors to consider when migrating to the cloud.

Some of the key takeaways from the report include:

  1. Only 17% of the $45 billion global data servicing revenue is captured by data originators with the majority of the wallet share belonging to redistributors
  2. After several years of large scale transactions and consolidation between exchanges and redistributors, exchanges are now partnering with cloud platforms
  3. Following a similar path to the media industry, cloud data sharing and digital rights management will redefine the market data commercial landscape
  4. As more exchanges adopt cloud strategies, consumers benefit from lower costs of data acquisition while maintaining control and visibility of the data reducing administrative burdens
  5. Cloud-based data marketplaces have the potential to revolutionise the market data industry

Dive into the future of market data, and discover how to leverage the power of the cloud to optimise your data distribution and product innovation.